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Zenith 3 CNC CMM
Affordable large precision measurements

The Zenith 3 CNC CMM is the result of a design evolution of the award winning Zenith too range of machines, taking into account over 20 years of CMM design experience. Many of the design improvements revolve around the right leg of the machine, which has been modelled on the hugely successful Azimuth machine.

The bridge and all moving parts are light and this, combined with superior design, means that the Zenith 3 has low inertia and therefore optimal acceleration characteristics. The improved Zenith is fast, minimising inspection times. Greater air bearing separation results in greater stiffness, and so has improved the accuracy significantly. The first term error for this new model is more than a micron better than the Zenith too.

All of this comes with no cost penalty: The Zenith 3 CMM is the same hugely competitive price that its predecessor was famed for, making large scale CMM measurements not only simple, but affordable. 

Key Features

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